Why Christmas Leaves An Unwanted Breakout & How To Clear It Up

Unwanted Breakout

Christmas is all smiles and selfies…until that dreaded pimple pops up on December 31st.

Between the stress and the festive eating, it’s not surprising that our skin bites back with unwanted breakouts.

If you want to avoid some unwanted party guests at your New Year’s Eve celebrations this year, we’re here to give you the lowdown on what’s giving your skin nightmares and what you can do to avoid it:

Flavoured Coffees

The Problem:

November and December are the months where we ditch our regular black coffees in favour of festive beverages like gingerbread lattes and peppermint mochas.

These drinks are an incredible upgrade from your regular morning pick-me-up but unfortunately, they are no friend to your skin as the syrups are loaded with sugar and other highly processed nasties.

The Fix:

If you need to stick to a festive flavoured beverage, ditch the syrup and opt for peppermint leaves. The nutrients in peppermint leaves help tone the skin – minimising pores and redness.


The Problem:

There are gifts to be bought and wrapped, parties that need fully accessorised outfits, and a dinner that needs to be cooked perfectly (with all the trimmings). Yes, Christmas is loaded with stress and stress is your skin’s biggest enemy.

The Fix:

Take regular ‘time outs’ to give yourself (and your skin) a breather. Listen to music, meditate, watch a movie – whatever helps you get from Christmas mayhem to Christmas wonderland, do it! This will help your mood and those stress-related pimples.

Festive Goodies

The Problem:

We all like to think that Christmas calories don’t count and so, we spend the holidays gorging on cinnamon sugar cookies, chocolate yule logs and M&S’s ultra-luxe chocolate pudding.

And while our taste buds are very grateful for these delicious treats, our skin is at war with the sugar overload.

The Fix:

You can still indulge but do it the smart way by switching to desserts and treats made with flour and sugar substitutes like almond flour and coconut sugar.

Cocktail Parties

The Problem:

We all enjoy boozy affairs over our Christmas holidays, but that pitcher of Jingle Juice Punch and those White Christmas Martinis are affairs your skin really needs to divorce.

The Fix:

Rosemary Gin Fizz, Apple Spiced Mimosas and Espresso Martinis are wiser listings on the cocktail menu. Gin or vodka mixed with soda water and a dash of lime are also smart choices if you’re looking to lower your sugar intake.