Where is the love?

The Selfie has become a global sensation and was even named as word of the year 2013 by Oxford Dictionary. But recent research suggests there could be a new trend on the rise, implying we are not as self-centred as we think…. That trend is the #COUPLIE…

The #Couplie, is a photo taken like a Selfie, but with a significant other in the shot and it’s on the rise across social media streams. 

So to celebrate Valentines Day this year, we are giving you the chance to win a £50 One4all Gift Card.

To enter this fantastic competition, simply POST your image on our Facebook Page or TWEET us via our Twitter Page with your best Couplie picture and make sure you include the hashtag #Couplie for your entry to be valid.

Your Couplie photo doesn’t even have to necessarily be a partner – it can be your best friend, your colleague, or even your pet! As long as there are two of you in the picture, it counts! Even the celebs are getting involved!

The competition deadline is 10am on Valentines Day. Good luck!