To coincide with wedding season, we have conducted research that looks into wedding planning trends - and found that 1 in 3 brides won’t let their future husbands make any decisions while planning nuptials.

So what does modern wedding planning look like in 2016?

The Cost:

  • 1 in 5 brides have fibbed to their fiancé about the cost of something at their wedding, suggesting many will splash out in secret.

  • The top items brides fib about the cost of include wedding dresses, bridal shoes, hair, make-up and the hen party.


Wedding Roles:

  • Only half of grooms decide on their best man or groomsman without their finance’s input. This suggests that British brides are even dominating the groom’s most personal wedding decisions.


Who’s Attending:

  • Just 50% of grooms had input into their guest list – suggesting brides have the final veto over guests.


Who Pays:

  • In contrast to tradition, it is now common for the bride’s family to no longer foot the bill for the wedding, with 23% of married couples even saying they saved up and paid for their wedding themselves.


Although it’s a day for both halves of the happy couple, there are numerous decisions which brides often take full control of when planning the wedding.


So which decisions do brides-to-be prefer to make themselves?

  • The bride’s outfit

  • Who the bridesmaids are

  • The flowers

  • The cake

  • The décor


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