Wardrobe Wonder: How Introducing Colour Can Change The Way You Feel

Colourful Clothes

Meghan Markle gave a style masterclass earlier this week when she stepped out in a regal purple dress with a fiery red wrap coat and coordinating heels. Normally one to opt for neutrals like beige, navy and black, the Duchess of Sussex’s bold ensemble highlights the importance of stepping outside your fashion comfort zone by choosing statement colour palettes, especially this time of year when everything is just doom and gloom.

According to Stephanie Norris’s book ‘Secrets of Colour Healing’ we should ‘use the power of colour to energise, soothe, heal and balance our body and spirit’.

Here’s a guide to how the colours of your clothes can help lift your spirits and improve your productivity at work.


The symbol of power, wearing red in the workplace will encourage others to have confidence in your leadership.

You can go al la Markle and opt for a red coat, or if you’re in love with all things tailored, a blazer over a fitted dress is a perfect combination.


If you’re looking for a colour to help you relax and recharge, green is it. The colour of nature, of the parks we bring our dogs for walks and of the fields we explore after a stressful day.

As green is a symbol for relaxation, it is the ideal colour for comfy loungewear.


Yellow is a colour with restorative powers. Wearing it will help you to focus mentally and encourage you to work with others on ideas.

Opt for yellow and black combinations, as it signals mental superiority.


The colour peach, with its tints of orange, is a warm colour that induces a sense of well-being. It is the ideal colour to wear if a) you’re meeting new people, b) you need to work as part of a team or c) you need to communicate an important message to others.

The warmth from your peach ensemble will encourage others to feel comfortable around you.


The colour of our wardrobe staple (jeans), blue is a calming colour.

Light to midshades should be your go-to if you have trouble sleeping.


The favourite colour of many, black clothing makes a bold statement.

A black ensemble worn at work can bestow authority and power. Worn socially at night, the colour is all about mystery.


Orange is a ‘pick-me-up’ colour, associated with positive thinking and motivation.

A super bright shade that might not be suited to every skin tone, inject the colour into your wardrobe through accessories like scarves, handbags, and jewellery.

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