Are you a penny pincher?  You might want to change your ways, as our new research shows that 76% of Brits consider charitableness and generosity important qualities in prospective partners. And the importance of generosity isn’t confined to just buying gifts for loved ones, it also includes acts of kindness such as donating to charity.

If you’re finding yourself unlucky in love, perhaps it could be time to look at how much you give and take - our study suggests that charitableness speaks volumes, particularly when it comes to attracting the fairer sex.

One in five of the women surveyed said they would rather date someone who gave to charity regularly; while one in three said they considered this characteristic more important than looks or wealth.

With one in three women find it 'very attractive' if someone donates time and money to charity, the research implies humanitarian and charitable qualities are becoming increasingly more desirable in a partner.

Women deem regular charitable givers to be more faithful - a key component in any relationship - and often perceive generous men to be much happier. So it seems shrugging off the old miser persona in favour of helping those in need could really open doors for your love life.

Perhaps it’s the surge in social media charity challenges and celebrity endorsed fundraising campaigns that has opened our eyes to how attractive generosity can be. Celebrities such as David Beckham, Brad Pitt and George Clooney have all contributed enormous amounts of money and effort to various charities, glamourising the nature of giving and making it appear even more desirable – and ensuring the nice guy is no longer finishing last.

Giving what you can, no matter how little, is viewed as an attractive quality, so you don’t need to bust the bank to help - the results show how people appreciate charitableness in general, with both men and women feeling that those who possess this trait make better friends, better parents, and also believed them to be better people in general.

For the ultimate combination of charitableness and generosity this Christmas, why not consider supporting Children in Need whilst at the same time treating your partner or a new crush to a fantastic gift?  One4all are supporting the BBC charity with the Pudsey Gift Card, donating 2% of each gift card to help vulnerable young people in the UK.


Do your bit this year and support this fantastic cause, because you never know - you might just come across even more likeable because of it!

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