These Are The Comics You Need To Read Before Marvel And DC’s 2019 Movies

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This year sees the release of a huge number of comic book movies. From the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we will see Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel on the big screen for the first time and we will finally find out the remaining Avengers plans to save the universe after the mighty titan Thanos decimated half the population. From the DC Universe, we’ll be getting the Billy Batson/Shazam story (a film director David F. Sandberg has compared to ‘80s classics like The Goonies and Ghostbusters). From 20th Century Fox, we’ll get the twelfth instalment in the X-Men film series with Dark Phoenix.

The superhero genre is getting bigger and stronger and here in the One4all HQ, we’re counting down the release dates by reading the comics that inspired the movies’ storylines. From Shazam’s origin story to clues about Avengers: Endgame, here’s what’s on our reading list:

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Captain Marvel

  • Ms Marvel

Carol Danvers’ first book featuring her as the Kree-empowered Ms. Marvel sees her in New York City working as the editor of Woman Magazine and taking on super villains like Scorpion, Doomsday Man, and Deathbird.

  • Captain Marvel Vol 1: Higher, Further, Faster And More

Carol Danvers used to be known as Ms. Marvel but was later rebranded as Captain Marvel and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed that the movie in March will be heavily influenced by this run by Kelly Sue DeConnick.

  • Captain Marvel Vol 1: In Pursuit of Flight

Another piece of work by Kelly Sue DeConnick, in this comic Carol Danvers hangs up her Ms. Marvel title, taking up the mantle of Captain Marvel.

Avengers: Endgame

  • Infinity Gauntlet

This storyline by Jim Starlin begins with Thanos (and the Infinity Gems) wiping out half the universe with a snap, only to find himself opposed by the Avengers, X-Men and more of Earth’s mightiest heroes. Things soon turn ugly for the Mad Titan when he realises the omnipotence from the Infinity Gems to be all too much to handle.

  • Avengers Forever

Rumours about the upcoming fourth Avengers movie point to time travel and in this 12-part comic series by Kurt Busiek and Roger Stern Earth’s Mightiest Heroes from past, present and future are brought together in a super-time-war between Kang the Conqueror and Immortus.

  • Infinity

From writer Jonathan Hickman, the storyline involves Thanos attacking Earth while the Avengers are in space battling the Builders, an ancient race of aliens.

20th Century Fox

Dark Phoenix

  • The Dark Phoenix Saga

After Jean Grey consumes the Phoenix Force, she becomes the target of Mastermind aka Jason Wyngarde who is attempting to prove himself in order to join the prestigious Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. With the help of Emma Frost, Mastermind projects illusions into Jean’s mind, leading her to destroy a solar system in a saga of epic twists and turns.

DC Extended Universe


  • Shazam! Vol 1: The New 52

Judging from the promotional material we’ve seen, this comic appears to be the basis for the live-action adaption. In this, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank deliver a new take on the origin of Billy Batson, a young orphan whose life is changed after he is drawn to the Rock of Eternity.

  • Shazam!: A Celebration of 75 Years

A recommendation from director David F.Sandberg, this comic celebrates 75 years of the World’s Mightiest Mortal with a collection of his best stories. Characters like Captain Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel, Tawky Tawny, and villains such as Dr Sivana, Mr.Mind, and Black Adam.

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