The Style Files – Kate Moss

Kate Moss Style Feature

From trends and styles to models and creative directors, the fashion industry is ever-changing, but Kate Moss has been the defining fashion figure for the last three decades – and it’s not hard to see why. The 45-year-old legendary British supermodel’s style is the inspiration and envy of current models, rising stars and fashion influencers. Whether dressed in a ‘90s slip for red carpet events or rocking the grunge style for off-duty errands, Moss looks effortless, chic and pulled together – no matter the occasion.

Here, we look at how you can recreate Moss’s stellar style.

Slip dresses

Some of our favourite Moss style hits involve a slip dress; from the sheer slip she wore at the Elite Model Agency Look of the Year Party in 1993 to the transparent skull-print slip she wore for Alexander McQueen in 2004. Moss is the master of less is more and the slip dress has been key in helping her achieve her undone elegance. Like Moss, pair yours with strap heels and go light on the cosmetics; a slick of lip gloss, moisturised complexion, and loose waves will have maximum impact.

Off-duty magic

Moss’s off-duty wardrobe is timeless. From knee-high boots, to plain tees, black jeans, and leather jackets, it’s a collection of basic essentials that award maximum style points. If these items are missing from your wardrobe, the time has come for you to invest in them.

Knee-high boots:

Plain Tees:

Black Jeans:

Leather jackets:

A scarf is an essential accessory

Moss always manages to work a scarf into her outfit. Think about it – they always fit and they never go out of style. From the big and printed to the skinny and sheer, Moss uses the accessory to add colour, layers, and patterns to her casual style. Buy lots and pair with everything from skinny jeans and leather jackets to shorts and oversized blazers.

Biker boots

Moss knows that she can elevate her casual street-style to cool girl status with a pair of biker boots. Tap into grunge and add an extra edge to your skinny jeans and leather jackets with pairs and pairs of black biker boots.