The Six Stages Of Sale Shopping

Sale Shopping

Here in the One4all HQ, we love a bit of shopping, and the post-Christmas sales are our favourite festive gift.

You know the feeling, the excitement of seeing whether that purse you’ve been holding out for has a sale sticker attached to it or maybe those runners you’ve wanted for training have finally been reduced to a reasonable price.

If you’ve ever braved the post-Christmas sales, you’ll know they have their high points (getting a bargain) and their low points (fuming that said trainers are now out of stock). Here, we break down the six stages of sale shopping:

1. Denial

You spot the bag you’ve been eyeing up for weeks and it’s got a ‘50% off tag’ pinned to it.

You immediately think: ‘There’s no way this magnificent piece of artwork is half price. It must be a mistake. Where’s the sales assistant? I need to get to the bottom of this.’

2. Anger

Between the pair of shoes you’d fallen in love with not being in your size and the fitting room queues moving way too slow for your liking, you’re one step away from losing it completely.

3. Bargaining

You’re in River Island and there’s a massive sale on jeans. You think to yourself: ‘If I buy five pairs of jeans now, I won’t have to buy any for months, right?’. WRONG. You know that buying these jeans won’t stop your quest to find the perfect pair to go with that new sparkly top you just bought in Topshop.

4. Guilt

You’re strolling through the shopping centre, two H&M bags in one arm, three Penneys bags in the other, and it hits you. You begin to question everything you just did.

Questions like ‘Why did I just buy three cream jumpers? Was another pair of black biker boots a good idea? Did I really need another faux fur leopard coat?  begin to swirl around your head.

5. Depression

You’ve just come out of the fitting room and you’ve never felt more disgusting in your entire life.

From the harsh lighting making your face look like one large pore to the fight you had with the zip on the dress you were bursting out off, you can’t wait to get home, get in your cosies and dig your face into a tub of Roses. 

6. Acceptance

You arrive home and as you’re sorting through your day’s work (which consists of three coats, eight dresses, six jumpers, three pairs of jeans, and two pairs of stilettos) you think to yourself: ‘You did good today, kid’.