The Best Man Checklist

The Best Man Checklist

If you’ve been chosen as best man for your friend’s upcoming nuptials, congratulations, but this role isn’t all fun and games. As the best man, you’re the groom’s right hand throughout the entire wedding – from helping him choose the perfect engagement ring to organising the most unforgettable bachelor night. Here, we discuss our 10 tips that will help you be the best best man! 


1. Be present:

If you thought you only needed to attend the main event, think again. As the best man, your presence is expected at the engagement party, the post-wedding brunch and everything in between. So, make sure your schedule is free and RSVP to everything wedding related. Also, try to be present for the groom; planning a wedding is stressful so in the months leading up to the big day, you should be his source of advice, organise ways to destress when things get too much, and basically prevent him from having a total meltdown.

2. Plan the bachelor party:

One of your most important duties as the best man is to organise an amazing pre-wedding celebration for your friend; be it a crazy weekend in Vegas, a chill weekend of live football, or a wild adventure in the great outdoors. Get ideas from the other groomsmen but always consider the groom; the theme and activities of the bachelor party should cater to his interests instead of your own.

3. Help with travel and accommodation:

If the wedding is abroad, you should offer to take charge of travel and accommodation. You’ll need to confirm guest attendance and devote a little time to researching flights, hotels, and buses but the bride and groom have so much to plan, taking this off their to-do list will be a massive help.

4. Be the FAQ expert:

Don’t let the wedding planner and soon-to-be newlyweds be bombarded with questions in the months leading up to the big day. If you know guests have queries (such as ‘what time should I arrive?’ or ‘where can I find the registry?’), make a list and find the answers. When you know all the important wedding details, nominate yourself as the FAQ expert so the guests are going to you with queries instead of the wedding planner, bride and groom.

5. Offer your style tips:

Help find the groom’s suit and outfits for the groomsmen. Finding the perfect ensembles takes time so make sure your weekends are free for boutique visits and be prepared to try on lots of suits. Once the outfits are found, you then need to make sure the order is submitted on time (whether you’re renting or buying), leaving plenty of time for tailoring and that everyone gives the right amount of cash to cover the entire cost of their wedding look.

On The Wedding Day

6. Get ready with the groom:

The groom will likely have some pre-wedding jitters so don’t leave him flying solo before the main event. Get ready together and help him get rid of those nerves by organising a tasty breakfast, playing his favourite music or watching his favourite movie, and having some relaxing beverages.

7. Have an emergency kit at the ready:

From pesky spillages to buttons going MIA, make sure to have a pack of supplies in case any issue arises. This should include a sewing kit, socks, extra white shirts, deodorant, cologne, floss, mints, band aids, etc.

8. Be the best timekeeper

The groom needs to be there before the bride, so you need to keep your eyes on the clock on the big day. Make sure everyone is suited, booted and ready to go on time.

9. Be the number one host

The newlyweds are technically the hosts, but they’ll be super busy with photographs, catching up with family and friends, and just enjoying their special day. It’s up to you and the bridesmaid to run the show on their behalf. You’ll be in charge of the meal, entertainment (band and DJ), speeches and toasts, and dealing with issues that may arise.

10. Give a toast

After the father-of-the-bride delivers some heartfelt words, it’s time for you to take the microphone. You want to make a memorable speech with a few anecdotes and jokes throw in but try not to go overboard – it doesn’t need to be a laugh a minute. When delivering your speech, make regular eye contact with the newlyweds and guests, try to calm your nerves and finish on a high!