The Best Christmas Movies To Watch Again And Again

The Best Christmas Movies To Watch Again And Again

What’s the best way to relax after your festive feast? In your pjs, munching on tubs of Heroes and Celebrations, and rewatching all your favourite festive movies!

These are the five Christmas movies we here at the One4all HQ never tire of:


If this film doesn’t make you feel Christmassy, we don’t know what will. Buddy (Will Ferrell) is a grown man who has accidentally been raised as one of Santa’s elves. Between Ferrell’s comedic performance and Zooey Deschanel’s incredible rendition of ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’, this film is a classic we could watch on repeat.

The Muppets Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens classic tale got The Muppets treatment and honestly, we think there should be a Muppet version of every Christmas story. With Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge and belly laughs being dished up Kermit and the gang, we can’t love this festive treat anymore.

It’s A Wonderful Life

No matter how many times we watch this classic festive flick, we sob hysterically – but that’s clearly the power of a good film. George Bailey (James Stewart) is a depressed family man who’s on the verge of ending it all but a visit from his guardian angel, Clarence, shows him his place in the world in this magical tale.

Love Actually

Is it really Christmas if Love Actually isn’t on the telly? From the incredible British talent (a young Keira Knightly, a rather dashing Hugh Grant, and the great Alan Rickman) to Billy Nighy’s amazing Christmas Is All Around performance, Love Actually is a festive season staple.

Home Alone (One AND Two)

A movie that made what we thought was the scariest thing to happen as a kid – being left at home by our parents/stranded alone in a New York City hotel – the absolute dream! What more can way say, Kevin’s Home Alone adventures are ones we’d watch all year long.