The Best Back To School Movies To Get You Excited For A New School Year

The Best Back To School Movies To Get You Excited For A New School Year

Schools across the country will open their doors to a new term in a few short weeks, which means the time has come for you to pack away your summer wardrobe and get ready for the back-to-school routine of early starts, heavy traffic, meal planning and homework help.

If waving goodbye to the summer has you feeling blue, back-to-school movies are the perfect pick-me-up. Below, One4all have picked their favourite movies to make the back-to-school season exciting.

1. Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter’s school days at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry cover a lot of milestones – from nervous first days to lessons on life saving spells, dealing with first crushes to avoiding the evil Lord Voldemort.

If the back-to-school, back-to-reality feeling is creeping in, Harry, Ron and Hermione’s magical and mischievous adventures in the Hogwarts Castle are sure to give you a boost. Kooky teachers, Quidditch matches, butterbeers, and hilarious schemes – what’s not to love!

2. 10 Things I Hate About You

A modern retelling of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, 10 Things I Hate About You hilariously showcases the highs and lows of school romances.

From bad boy Patrick serenading cool girl Kat from the bleachers to Cameron pretending to know French to get close to Kat’s popular little sister Bianca, this movie is full of teen situations we can relate to.

3. The Breakfast Club

In every school, there are cliques or certain groups of students that only interact with each other. The Breakfast Club forces five high school students who are at opposite ends of the popularity scale to spend nine hours together in Saturday detention. There’s the jock, the pretty princess, the typical school nerd, the burnout, and the weirdo.

If students are feeling anxious about the school year ahead, this movie is one to watch. It teaches important life lessons like don’t judge a book by a cover, you can make friends in the most unlikely of a places, and that you should never ever feel like you’re going through something alone, everyone has or is going through something you can relate to.

4.  The Duff

School can be an incredibly tough place to navigate and some students find the halls hard to get through. The Duff – which stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend – is an empowering tale of self-acceptance and loving you as YOU.

After being labelled as the ‘Duff’, Bianca goes through a self-confidence makeover and learns that the most important superpower we all possess is self-love.

What’s your favourite back-to-school movie?