One4all Rewards recently conducted a study into the powerful impact the words 'Thank You' have in companies. The research looked at how frequently and effectively the words are used, in order to show the importance staff incentives and benefits have on employee productivity, motivation and loyalty.

The research revealed the significance of rewarding staff and the huge effect it can have on employers. One of the most stand out statistics uncovered in the report is that out of the 1,000 UK employees surveyed, 71% said they would forgo a higher salary if it meant they could work for an employer that regularly thanks its employees for their efforts.

The survey also highlighted that improved benefits can increase an employee’s loyalty to the company, with 68% of those surveyed stating that being regularly thanked for their efforts would be rewarded with loyalty to their employer, and 34% claiming they would be very unlikely to leave a position if they were shown regular appreciation and praise.

Read the full survey results in the below report.