Get fit, go green and help your employees save money with One4all Bikes4work. One4all Bikes4work utilizes the Government tax break on bikes and safety equipment which was introduced in Ireland in January 2009.

Under the scheme, bicycles and safety equipment can be purchased Tax-free up to the value of €1,000. That means that you get to use your normal Income Tax, PRSI and USC to put towards the price of your bikes and safety equipment, a saving of up to 52% for employees on the higher rate of tax and 31% for employees on the basic rate of tax. On a bike and safety equipment to the value of €1,000, this equates to a saving of €520 for employees on the higher rate of tax and €310 for employees on the basic rate of tax. Your bicycle and safety equipment can be paid for over a maximum 12 month period through salary sacrifice as per government legislation and can be availed of once every 5 years.


One4all Bikes4work offers value and choice unrivalled in the marketplace through its extensive Bike4work retail partners including Halfords who stock the largest choice of bikes and equipment nationwide. With increased petrol costs, the introduction of the USC (Universal Social Charge) and a stretch in the evenings, now is the perfect time to utilize this tax break and cycle to work.


One4all Bikes4work currently works with companies of all sizes offering support and encouraging employers to avail of the government’s benefit-in-kind tax break. Since the Government introduced this benefit-in-kind tax break, the One4all Bikes4work road show has travelled up and down the country demonstrating an impressive range of bicycles and safety equipment to over 750,000 employees nationwide. Feedback to the scheme has been very positive; scheme coordinators find that the scheme provides the most seamless and cost effective package for them, while at the same time making it easier for employees to both understand their options and choose the particular type of bicycle and safety equipment that they need.


As well as providing demonstrations to employees, the Bikes4work team provides a full support service to employers around how the scheme works, including their legal responsibilities and will help employers and Bikes4work scheme coordinators promote the benefits of the scheme to their staff.


Benefits of choosing One4all Bikes4work

  • Save up to 52%* on the cost of your bike and safety equipment

  • One4all Bikes4work has the biggest selection of bikes and safety equipment available anywhere in the Irish market place

  • Make your salary go further each month

  • Improve your overall health and fitness

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Avoid lengthy traffic jams

  • Reduce your journey time by beating the traffic

  • Free from road Tax and insurance

  • Save money on bus/train/luas fares as well as reduced fuel costs

  • Choice of stores nationwide

  • Competitive pricing

  • Free Hi-vis Jacket

  • Avail of special offers when you purchase your bike through Halfords#


To find out more about the One4all Bikes4work scheme, visit, call 01-8708181 or email