Our most recent research into employee recognition found that over a fifth of workers feel despondent and unappreciated in work. The detrimental effect on productivity throughout your business as a result of this lack of recognition is immeasurable, yet too few companies make a point of rewarding their staff.

Many businesses deem employee rewards a ‘nice-to-have’ additional perk, rather than a required benefit. But simply thanking your staff for a job well done can have proven and dramatic effects on morale, productivity and retention.

Staff rewards need not be costly. One4all Rewards have launched the first annual Spotlight Awards to help businesses of all sizes recognise and reward the very best employees in their organisation. With industry categories ranging from call centres to family businesses, you can nominate your colleagues to win national recognition and up to £500 in One4all Gift Cards.

Full stats from our recent Spotlight research are presented in the infographic below. To nominate your staff for a Spotlight Award, visit the website.