Does it spell the end for the traditional celebration?

• Less than 20% will get a card from their friends
• 3/4 will only be wished ‘Happy Birthday’ on Facebook
• 1/4 measure the success of birthdays using social media
• Half organise birthday events on social media
• A third prefer to celebrate someone else’s birthday

New research by One4all, a leading gift card company shows that social media may well be killing off the traditional birthday.

The rise in popularity of social media means that traditional cards, invites and cake are becoming a thing of the past with less than 20 per cent of people actually getting a card from friends on their birthday. Messages on Facebook have now over shadowed the traditional method – with three quarters of people now wished ‘Happy Birthday’ in this way.

A quarter of people will measure the success of their birthday by the number of posts and messages received on their Facebook wall, with more than half believing that, if they don’t have their birthday on social media – then they don’t ‘have’ a birthday

Over half will organise a birthday party or event using social media but the number of people dropping out at the last minute is a bugbear for birthday girls and boys – with 30 per cent classing their birthday as ‘stressful’ and would prefer to celebrate their friends birthday as opposed to their own.

Declan Byrne, Managing Director UK of One4all, says, “Social media now plays a huge part in all of our lives and it’s interesting to see how it has impacted on the traditional birthday. At One4all we believe in celebrating birthdays and In light of the research, we’ve decided to launch a social media campaign to find the UK’s biggest Birthday Scrooge to see if we can cheer them up on their birthday.”

For more information on the social media campaign or if you’d like to nominate a Birthday Scrooge then visit the One4all UK Facebook page.

One4All’s research also reveals:

  • 60% of us don’t book our birthday off work

  • Only 15% get a cake

  • 25% of parties have become more lavish due to celebrity culture

  • 20% of people are getting birthday blues due to people forgetting their birthday/ far too much high expectation