At smartspot, we love technology. We love bright, shiny gadgets that catch our imaginations and inspire us to work and play more effectively, communicate and share more easily. But most of all, have fun with the options that are suddenly available to make all this possible.

What we don’t like is the price! Technology can be a big expenditure, a huge commitment to something that you’re not sure you’ll like, let alone love forever. So at smartspot we want to make it easy for you to buy lots of different phones, brands, tablets, laptops … not to mention the endless opportunities with accessories.

With smartspot, you can chose brand new, never been touched boxed product, straight from our swish distribution center (with a really great coffee machine – thanks boss!). Or, you can take the option of NUsed product – new to you. Nused product is pre-owned, but has been stripped, cleaned, serviced and upgraded where needed. They also carry a full 12 month warranty…and come considerably cheaper.

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