Where are you spending Valentine's Day this weekend? Did you spend it at home with your loved one and a home cooked meal, or did you venture further afield?

Our latest research has found many of us would choose the place where we first met our partner to spend 14thFebruary – whether it was at university halls, a day trip to another city or maybe their hometown many years ago, almost half of all people asked felt the first place they locked eyes or dated made for the ultimate romantic location for a Valentines date.

We also found that traditional gifts of flowers, chocolate and lingerie were being shunned in favour of more sentimental gifts – more than 1 in 3 felt they were lazy options, with 49% saying they much preferred gifts with an element of thought or wistfulness behind them.

According to the study, British lovers seem to be more romantic than flashy, with expensive gestures such as designer watches and handbags coming in as the least desired gifts.

We also seem to be a nation of sentimental foodies, with 1 in 5 saying they would like to spend Valentine’s Day revisiting the restaurant where they first shared a meal. Whether it was a gastro pub or a top notch restaurant, it seems that first intimate meal shared with a beloved really sparked a lot of peoples' nostalgia.

Appearing to value thoughtfulness over expense or faux romance, Brits have embraced a truly romantic approach to celebrating this loved-up day. Despite the panic that we see every year as people try to find that perfect gift (which often results in many receiving these traditional gift options), it’s nice to see that what really goes the furthest on Valentine’s Day is your other half having put thought into making your date or celebrations personal to you.

What’s more, the research found that it's actually the men in the relationship who are the most sentimental when it comes to romance. A quarter more men than women were keen to go back to the place where they had the first ever date. This turns the old stereotype that women are more romantic on its head!


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