Here at One4all we are always looking at different gifting occasions and the research we commissioned recently found that academic gifting is popular amongst parents. We asked 1,000 British children aged 5-18 years old what would encourage them to work harder at school, and uncovered some interesting findings.

If you’re wondering how to motivate your child this school year, or just intrigued to know what it is that drives children to work harder, then you’d be interested to know that 9 out of 10 children said they would work harder to receive rewards.


The average value of the reward which children consider enough to be motivating was £60.62.


We found family members to be the biggest influencers on their children’s academic performance above teachers and friends. 30% admitted that they work hard solely to impress their family.


Incentives really do work too, with over 90% of school aged children saying they have received rewards for their academic performance in the past, with almost half (48%) receiving them as a surprise gift.


We also looked into the types of rewards that motivate children and found that money for passing exams comes top of the list. Meanwhile, amounts of money per grade came second on the top 10 list.


42% of children say receiving verbal praise would be enough of a reward for them to do well in school; at third in the list it’s nice to see children value more than just financial rewards.


Children voted family experiences such as holidays, day trips and meals at restaurants highly in the top 10, showing us how much children still find spending time with their family a big reward.


Here are the top 10 rewards that motivate children to work harder at school according to kids themselves:


  • Money (lump sum)

  • Money (amounts per grade)

  • Verbal praise

  • A day trip

  • Something they already really wanted (e.g. a piece of technology, an item of clothing etc.)

  • Technology (e.g. iPad, games console etc.)

  • Fashion (e.g. clothing, shoes, trainers)

  • Toys

  • A holiday

  • A meal at a restaurant


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