Revealed: The Most Popular Mum Myths

One4all Mother's Day Mum Myths Vox PopOne4all Mother's Day Mum Myths Vox Pop

Whether it’s telling you that carrots give you superpowers so you’d eat your vegetables or claiming that the TV would do terrible things to your eyes so you’d spend more time outside, our mums have some very unique ways of teaching us valuable life lessons.

For our Mother’s Day campaign this year, we decided to shine a light on the weird and wonderful myths and sayings mums tell their children growing up.

3 in 4 Mums admit telling their kids the same tall tales they were told growing up

In our survey of 2,434 adults, three quarters of people polled said their mum or granny had a funny saying or myth and almost two thirds (65%) said they believed those tales to be true into adulthood. Eating carrots helps you see in the dark and you’ll catch pneumonia if you sleep with your hair wet were revealed to be the most common myths told. Other popular myths mums love to tell were revealed as:

  • If you pick a dandelion, you’ll wet the bed (30%)
  • If you eat the seeds of an apple it will grow in your stomach (23%)
  • Eating the crust on bread will make your hair curly (19%)

Passing on the tradition to their own children, 74% tell the same little white lies to their own kids with 1 in 4 saying they do so to usually get their children to do something they don’t want to do.

Watch: Mums’ Myths, revealed by you 

We took to the streets to find out the good, the bad and the strange when it comes to mums’ myths. Watch the video below to see what we found out:  

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