Revive Active

Revive Active is one of Ireland’s leading Super Supplement companies. Based in Galway, all products are formulated, packaged and marketed in Ireland. Revive Active currently has 3 core products:

1. Revive Active Original: The only product that unlocks your abundant natural energy to maximize the lifestyle you want. It is a high quality blend of 26 ingredients delivered in one convenient sachet. The unique blend of vitamins and minerals provide a multitude of health benefits including naturally sustained energy without the use of sugar and caffeine, boosted heart and cardiovascular system, amongst other benefits.

2. Joint Complex: The key ingredients of Revive Active Joint Complex (collagen, MSM, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine) are clinically proven to improve joint flexibility, reduce joint pain, repair cartilage, reduce inflammation, restore bone mineral density and stimulate bone cell growth. 3. Mastermind: The key ingredients of Mastermind; Omega

3 DHA, Uridine and Choline are essential nutrients that contribute to brain and cognitive function, mental performance and nervous system function. Ideal for busy professionals, students, active seniors and parents. Revive Active offers free next day delivery on all orders from It is also available in selected pharmacies and health food stores.


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