River Island

Love fashion. Love River Island. With over 60 years of fashion retailing experience, River Island is one of the most successful companies on the High Street. River Island has nearly 300 stores across the UK, Ireland and internationally throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe. River Island is known for its stylish and affordable fashion and the unique touches we bring to our collections, which give us standout from the rest of the High Street.

Spend Online You can use your One4all Gift Card to part-pay online by 'swapping' the funds on your card for a River Island eCode. Visit the link below to buy an eCode with your One4all Gift Card, then use that eCode on the River Island website towards your purchase.


Is there a €50 online spend limit? Yes, there is a limit of €50 when spending your One4all Gift Card directly with River Island online due to new EU regulations. However, you can 'swap' up to €50 of your card for a River Island eCode to use towards a larger purchase. You can do this multiple times, so if you have a €100 One4all Gift Card, you can buy 2 x €50 River Island eCodes (in two separate transactions) then use those eCodes on the River Island website. Want to spend more than the value of your card? If you want to purchase something that is more than the value of your One4all Gift Card, simply swap your One4all Gift Card for a River Island eCode at the link above. You can then use the eCode towards your purchase and pay the balance using a debit or credit card. What is an eCode? An eCode is like online credit that can be used towards a purchase on a retailer’s website. eCodes enable you to ‘part-pay’ in combination with a debit or credit card. Because most websites do not accept both a One4all Gift Card and a debit/credit card, swapping your One4all for an eCode will enable you to use your gift card towards the cost of a purchase (for example, use a €50 One4all Gift Card towards an item worth €100).


Please note that due to the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive that took effect on 10th January 2020, there is a maximum limit of €50 per online transaction using anonymous prepaid cards, including the One4all Gift Card. This limit does not apply to Chip & PIN (Gold) gift cards. Please also note that most websites do not accept multiple payment methods.

For more information see https://www.one4all.ie/5amld-explained

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