You may be a hopeless romantic or subtly sweet, but our latest research reveals that Brits are going the extra mile to impress and dig deep when it comes to showing our affections.

  • Romantic hopefuls spend £276.92 on average when wooing a potential partner, whom they anticipate sharing a future with

  • UK adults admit to spending on average £51.68 per date with a prospective partner

  • Those who aren't serious about their date, however, reveal they will only spend around £33.58

  • The research also highlighted that the average Brit will go on a total of 4.1 dates to suss out a potential love interest

Those looking for love may also be able to get a good indication as to their date's intentions from how much they spend, and the dates they plan…

Did You Know?

  • Men are the more generous sex when it comes to Valentine's Day - forking out £9 more than women on gifts, and £20 more per date than women in a bid to impress

  • Even when they aren’t serious about a relationship, men will still spend £10 more than women, per date

  • 1 in 4 said they’d suggest a meal out if they were looking to get serious, while 1 in 5 would have a night in, in their own home, cooking a meal or watching films / TV box sets

  • Gigs and club nights (7%), weekends or nights away (11%) and going to the cinema (14%) were the least popular date types loved-up Brits will go for if they are serious about the relationship developing


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