Personalise My Card - Gift Card & Greeting Card Terms and Conditions & Image Guidelines

Terms & Conditions

This page informs you of the additional conditions relating to the Gift Voucher Shop’s Personalise My Card service ('the Service') and supplement the general conditions of the Terms & Conditions of Use of the One4all Gift Card.

Please read these terms carefully before you use our Personalise My Card Service.  You may only use our websites (and services provided through our websites) if you agree to these terms. Your continued use of our websites indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

In the event of any inconsistency between these additional conditions and the general conditions, these additional conditions will apply in relation to the Service.

1. Service 

  1. The Service enables you to have an image of your choice (an 'Image') and message printed on your gift cards and/or greeting cards.
  2. You can choose an Image from our gallery or upload your own Image.
  3. You can choose to add your own personal message to your gift cards and/or greeting cards

2. Uploading your own Image

2.1 You can upload your own Image for printing on your gift cards or greeting card only if

(a) you have rights to use the Image, for example you own the Image or you have permission from the owner to use it

(b) you have permission from any person that appears in the Image

(c) you have permission from the parent or guardian of any person under the age of 16 years who appears in the Image

(d) the Image meets our Image Guidelines; and

(e) the Image does not contain any computer virus or malicious code  

2.2. We will review the image and may reject it if
(a) it does not meet our Image Guidelines
(b) its use would be in breach of the terms of our agreement with you
(c) we reasonably consider that it is not suitable for use on a gift card or greeting card

2.3. By uploading an Image
(a) you confirm that the Image meets the requirements set out in condition 2.1 above
(b) you grant us the right to use, modify, print, store and reproduce the Image for the purpose of providing the Service to you

2.4 Any images uploaded by you will be held by The Gift Voucher Shop for 30 days and are only held for that period of time to facilitate reprinting of cards in the event that they do not reach their destination and we are notified within that period of time


3. Uploading an Image from our gallery

3.1. You can choose an Image from our gallery and, subject to such restrictions as we may in our discretion impose in respect of selected images for technical or other reasons, may manipulate the appearance of it before submitting it

3.2. All intellectual property rights in the images in our gallery are owned by us or by our licensors and none of these images may be used by you for any purpose other than as an image on your gift card or greeting card 


4. Fees

4.1. There is a fee of €2.99 per card for using the Service. 


5. Termination

5.1. We may suspend the use of any Personalise My Card product immediately and cancel it if it is brought our attention that the Image infringes the rights of a third party. If we do so, we will issue you with a standard Gift Card. However, you may use the Service in the future to order a new Personalise My Card product

5.2 If we receive an allegation that the Image on your Personalise My Card product infringes the rights of a third party or is unsuitable (for whatever reason) we may suspend the use of the Personalise My Card service whilst we investigate the matter. We will investigate such an allegation promptly in good faith, taking into account the likely length of the investigation and any actual or anticipated inconvenience to the owner of the card. We will notify you when we have completed our investigation and either lift the suspension of the Personalise My Card service or cancel it depending upon the outcome. Our decision in this respect will be final.

5.3. Where we withdraw the use of a Personalised Gift Card, you agree to have the card returned to us or destroyed in line with any instructions we give you.

5.4 Where we terminate the use of a Personalised Gift Card under this section, you will not be entitled to a refund of the fee as set out in section 4 


6. Changing these conditions

6.1. We may change these conditions by publishing a written notice of the change on our website. We will normally give two months notice of the changes.


7. Liability

7.1. If you upload an Image that infringes the rights of any other person, you will pay any losses, costs or expenses we (or our suppliers) incur as a result of possession, printing, modification or other use of the Image.

7.2. The Image will be printed on your Personalise My Card product as it is provided to us by you. We will not be liable for the poor quality of the reproduction of the Image to the extent that this attributable to the quality of the original as uploaded by you or for the positioning of the Image on the Personalise My Card product  as a result of the way in which you uploaded or manipulated it.

7.3 The Gift Voucher Shop aims to provide you with a fast, high-quality service, so any products you order are immediately sent for production. Please double-check your order on screen and your acknowledgement email carefully to check that all the details are correct. We cannot refund items where the personalisation has been mis-spelt due to an error made by you.

Effective from October 2013


Image Guidelines

Uploaded images used in Personalise My Card, gift cards or greeting card designs must conform to the following guidelines:

You must own the image or have the permission of the image owner to use it.

If your image includes another person, you must have their consent to use it.

The image you choose for your card must not contain any of the following:

  • Company names or trademarks – e.g., images marked with ® or ™ signs
  • Images or text protected by copyright – e.g., images marked with © or other watermarks or notations
  • Slogans, tag lines, branding, marketing or promotional products, services or images of companies
  • Images of, or the name or nickname of, celebrities, musicians, sportspersons, entertainers, public figures, film stars, cartoon characters, members of the royal family or other famous people
  • Contact information – e.g., telephone numbers, URLs, Facebook and Twitter usernames account numbers, addresses or email addresses
  • Provocative, lewd or sexual images or content
  • Nudity
  • Offensive material – e.g. images, signs, symbols or text relating to violence, death, injury, racism, cruelty, profanity, obscenity, weapons, firearms, ammunition or terrorism
  • Anti-social or obscene behaviour, or socially unacceptable groups
  • Content where drinking, being drunk, smoking or gambling is the focus
  • Text, unless benign and in the English language
  • Any image that might reflect poorly or might engender hostility towards company brands, including Bank of Ireland or the Gift Voucher Shop
  • Weapons, unless in a ceremonial context
  • Political statements or images relating to ethnicity or religion Images, signs, symbols or text relating to money, currency, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, gangs, hatred, graffiti, betting, gambling, or financial products and services
  • Images of flags, If any of these are used, they can only be images of the original national flags and must not be edited, cropped or have any additional art work or writing on them