Family birthdays are the purrrfect opportunity to dote on our loved ones, and this doesn't just apply to our human relations.

Our latest research reveals that animal-loving Brits pull out all the stops to celebrate their pet's birthday. But just how far do we go to spoil or furry friends and adopt them into the family?


  • Research found that more than 1 in 3 celebrate their pet's birthday, with 15% singing Happy Birthday to their animal companion when they turn another year older 

  • On average, pet owners splash around £26 on birthday presents each year for their furry friends

  • More than half of UK pets now have their own social media account, with 28% of animal lovers admitting they post more pictures of their pets than the people in their lives 


But just how far does the UK's love affair with pets go? Research found that pet gifting opportunities go beyond birthdays extending to other national holidays, such as Christmas. However, statistics reveal our pets return the generosity (with help from a human hand), vicariously gifting their owners for occasions such as Mother's Day.


Did You Know?

  • Remarkably, it is men who are the more generous of the sexes when it comes to gifting the animals in their lives, spending £31.40 on each pet’s birthday - £10.57 more than female owners do.

  • 1 in 10 pet owners give gifts to their friends and family on behalf of their pet and 16% of pets receive gifts from their friends and family at Christmas.

  • And, almost 1 in 10 pet parents receive a Mother’s or Father’s day gift from their furry family members.

  • Pet owners in London are the most lavish when celebrating their pet’s birthday – spending more than £60 each year on each pet.


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