Parents use inventive methods to encourage good behaviour in their children all year round. But One4all has discovered that Santa’s naughty list is one of the most effective ways to discourage bad behaviour in the run up to Christmas.

Almost half of parents (46%) will remind their children that Father Christmas is watching when they are being naughty as a way of discouraging this behavior.


The majority of parents (23%) start telling their children these festive folk tales as early as November and 17% report that their kids are best behaved in the run up to Christmas, as they become concerned about not upsetting the big man in red.


A fair few do admit though to using this as a tactic throughout the year, with 1 in 10 doing so all year round.


1 in 10 parents report their children care more about upsetting Santa than anybody else in their lives, which helps improve behaviour as they don’t want to disappoint him – which in part explains why the possibility of being on Santa’s naughty list is effective at discouraging bad behaviour.


We also examined the most popular festive traditions in 2016 and found that many are still going strong, with only 5% of parents saying their children have opted to email or text Santa instead of writing him a letter.


Here are the top three traditions families get involved with over the festive season.

  • 60% still leave out mince pies out on Christmas eve for Santa Claus

  • 49% leave snacks for the reindeer on Christmas eve

  • 49% also make sure they visit Santa in his grotto


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