Our Favourite Marvel Comics’ Couples

Comic Couple

The Marvel Universe has introduced us to fierce gods, fantastic superheroes, outstanding cosmic entities and couples that are the ultimate in #relationshipgoals. With today being Valentine’s Day, we felt it was the perfect time to look at some of greatest power couples in entertainment history. From Sue and Reed Richards to X-Men’s Jean Grey and Cyclops, here’s our ranking of the best couples to ever appear in the colourful pages of Marvel Comics’.

1. Jean and Cyclops

The romance between Jean Grey and Scott Summers is one for the ages. From the Phoenix Saga to the Battle of the Atom, the pair’s relationship has been tested at the highest levels. Scott struggled to accept Jean and her power when she became the Phoenix and his psychic affair with Emma Frost further tested the strength of their love. However, the couple have made their relationship work for decades, proving that true love can conquer any obstacle.

2. Black Panther/T’Challa and Storm

In 2006, Marvel paired T’Challa, the Black Panther with the X-Men’s Storm. The couple’s wedding day was a massive event in the Marvel Universe and even paused the Avengers’ Civil War. A fan favourite relationship that many were sure would be a happily ever after scenario, unfortunately, their relationship was no picture-perfect situation. Sadly, just six years later, T’Challa annulled their marriage because he felt betrayed by Storm for siding with the X-Men during the fight between the mutant team and Avengers, which destroyed Wakanda.

3. Gambit and Rogue

A confident flirt and a feisty beauty with the power to take life with a single touch, Gambit and Rogue are one of the most exciting couples to ever appear in a comic book. Their relationship works so well because 1) they have similar backgrounds; they’re accustomed to hardships and have serious trust issues. Gambit’s parents gave him away at birth because of his red eyes and he was raised as a criminal by the Thieves Guild gang of New Orleans.  Mystique and her partner Destiny raised Rogue from a young age, with Mystique using Rogue’s mutant abilities to make her terrorist organisation, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, more successful. 2) Gambit isn’t scared of Rogue’s powers; Rogue sees her powers as a curse. As a teen, she accidentally put her boyfriend in a coma after kissing him which led her to think that she would never be able to have a meaningful relationship, Gambit changed that. Gambit has never been afraid to touch Rogue – he knows what’s at stake if he does, but for him, it’s worth the risk. He accepts her and she accepts him, making them a perfect Marvel match.

4. Reed Richards and Sue Storm

The Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards and Sue Storm lead the way when it comes to Marvel romances. Their relationship has endured some less than fantastic moments – there’s been times when it seemed that Reed was more married to science than Sue, and Sue’s (The Invisible Woman) attraction to other men is pretty visible at times. However, this classic couple’s relationship cannot be matched – they were together before they were super people and share the bond of going through the same experience to gain their abilities. Also, their love was celebrated in one of the most famous weddings in comic history.

5. Spider-Man/Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

While Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy are an iconic couple, Peter and Mary Jane Watson are the Marvel Universe’s epitome of the boy and girl next door who fall in love. MJ was mentioned in The Amazing Spider-Man #15 but she and Peter didn’t meet until issue #42 and the pair quickly embarked on a romantic journey that has included plenty of high points and heart-breaking low points – from divorce, time-travelling their relationship out of existence, and cancer to moving to Portland and MJ giving birth to a stillborn.

Who’s your favourite Marvel couple?

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