We loved spending quality time spoiling our mums this Mother’s Day but sometimes our hectic schedules mean it’s tough to make time for our mummies. However our latest research shows that in fact more Brits are making a concerted effort to see their mums on a regular basis. So much so that many offspring confessed to involving them into their social lives and socialising with their friends together.

It seems that while, once upon a time, the social lives and interests of parents and their children would be kept separate, many are now happy to blend the two which we think is just great!


More than 1 in 3 people surveyed said they happily invite their mums into their social circles by meeting up with their friends together. Whilst 1 in 4 go out clubbing together, 1 in 3 go to a concerts with them, and 66% go on holiday with their mums.


The trend is being led by A-lister mother-child pairings, such as Kris Jenner and the Kardashian sisters, Daisy and Pearl Lowe, Jada and Jaden Pinkett-Smith, and Victoria and Brooklyn Beckham, who are often spotted out and about together. Whether it is front row at fashion week or a basketball game there’s no denying it’s more fashionable than ever to be seen with your mum.


We’re also making friends and becoming closer to our mothers on social media with 40% of Brits now friends with their mums on Facebook, something which was previously taboo. It seems we can’t get enough of taking mumfie (a selfie with mum, natch) and including them in our online social lives. 1 in 10 said that social media has actually brought them closer together as they can keep in more regular contact.


But it’s not all hunky-dory with mums often embarrassing their children on social media by misusing slang words and abbreviations such as LOL and YOLO.


True to form, it is mummy’s girls who are the most eager to socialise together, with 72% of women compared to 25% of men saying they happily go clothes shopping with their mums. 15% more women than men would invite their mums out with their friends, and 12% more women than men would go clubbing with them.


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