One4all Grants Wish To Treat Beloved Cork Grandmother To A Very Special Christmas Dinner

Nancy Foley

After 60 years of cooking the Sunday dinner, we thought this grandmother deserved a night off!

Vivienne O’Brien from Cork wished for her mother-in-law Nancy Foley to be treated to a Christmas dinner. ‘She’s 85 years young and like a second mum to me, especially since my own mum is no longer with us,’ Vivienne tell One4all. ‘Despite suffering from arthritis, she grows her own veg, including the juiciest tomatoes and the sweetest carrots, and every week since our kids were babies, she treats us to amazing roast dinners with the most incredible gravy and homemade apple tart to follow – the kids would never miss a meal at her house, in fact, they’re always queuing up for more!’

Vivienne likes to cook Nancy meals like fish pie and lasagne but says her ‘cooking skills don’t match hers’ so her Christmas wish was for Nancy to be treated to a night off from the stove, a night where ‘she could put her feet up for once’. ‘Nancy is so special to us and she really deserves a day dedicated to her, so that she could enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner without worrying about anyone else. It would be an amazing treat for someone who is a feeder and a nurturer.’

When the One4all elves saw Vivienne’s wish for Nancy, we had to make it come true and so we surprised her and the family with a delicious meal (and no washing up!).