You may not realise it, but our latest research has found that as a nation, we rely on our mothers long after we've flown the nest. But just how much appreciation do we show our mums?

  • More than half of British adults still rely on their mums for help after leaving the family home

  • Our survey found that mums still commonly lend money, cook dinner at least once per week, do laundry and babysit grandchildren for their grown up offspring.

  • However, despite going above and beyond for their children, our research found that not all mums receive thanks for their dedication. An astonishing 40% of British adults do not get their mum anything for Mother's Day.

So when do we become truly independent? According to our research, adults still rely on mum's help well into their 50s and beyond, suggesting a mother's work is truly never done.


Did You Know?

  • 1 in 3 45 - 54 year olds and even 1 in 4 of those aged 55+ still accept aid from their mothers.

  • Other top examples of mum's frequent tasks included making alterations and repairs to clothes, running errands such as food shopping, cleaning the house and even booking doctors' appointments.

  • Mother's Day was not the only gifting opportunity missed by children, with a further 38% failing to buy birthday presents and 37% at Christmas.

  • When it comes to the battle of the sexes, men are more likely to accept aid from mum, but less likely to thank her. Only 51% of men celebrated Mother’s Day with cards and presents for their mothers, compared with 66% of women.


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