Mother's Day: Spoil your Mum with the gift of choice

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The Irish Mammy is a well-known term around Irish households, the most important woman in our lives, and also the boss!

With Mother’s Day approaching, we undertook a survey about Irish Mammies, and what we love most about them.  Here are some of our favourite results!

78% said their Mum is a typical Irish Mammy and a whopping 80% said that they would describe themselves as one too!

Unsurprisingly,  ‘Do you think I'm made of money?’  is the nation’s favourite Irish Mammy saying at 13%, followed closely by ‘What did your last maid die of?’ (11%), along with ‘Did you turn off the immersion?’ (10%) All of which we’ve heard many times growing up with an Irish Mammy!

22% agreed that needless fussing is her top trait, along with caring and loving, of course!

Finally, almost 65% said they spoil their children, so why not treat your Mum with a One4all Gift Card? Accepted in over 8,000 retailers, she’ll be spoilt for choice!

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