British politeness has always been a cultural stereotype that we’ve been subtly made fun of, but our recent research reveals it still stands true. When it comes to Christmas gifting, three in four of us pretend to like gifts that don’t quite hit the mark.

Whether it’s that set of garish novelty underwear, a book you’ll never read, or a CD that couldn’t be further from your taste in music; we’ve all been there. The results show only 15% of us would admit openly that we did not like a gift, with the majority smiling, nodding and saying thank you.

According to our study of 2,000 Britons, 65% confessed to fibbing in order to avoid hurting the giver’s feelings, whilst 39% did so to keep them happy and 23% wanted to avoid an argument.

There are of course some people we feel more comfortable being honest with – for example, only 20% would be truthful if their partners gave them an unwanted gift, but over half would be direct about one from their parents. Perhaps this is due to the years of familiarity and having been bought presents for and by parents, whereas honesty with a love interest could cause an unnecessary tiff over the festive period.

As always, there’s a gender divide. Men were the most likely to be direct, with just 48% admitting to having lied about not being happy with a present in the past – compared with 66% of women. It seems women may be more sensitive towards insulting the gift giver, instead choosing to spare them their feelings by forcing a smile of gratitude.

Undoubtedly the stress of present buying is rife at this time of year, with 1 in 3 Christmas shoppers admitting they worry about buying presents for family and friends in case they don’t like them. So the pressure is on to buy the most spectacular gift to please your loved one, and if they don’t drop hints it can be a frustrating time navigating the busy high streets.

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Whilst we are gracious in our acceptance of unwanted gifts, the top reasons for disliking gifts were the ones not to the recipient’s taste, not thoughtful, or where the recipient was expecting something different. So keep this in mind when you go out with your shopping list in the coming weeks, after all, it’s the thought that counts, so a little effort goes a long way.


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