Lockdown Dating: Fun Date Ideas Couples Will Love

Couple laughing on couch at home Couple laughing on couch at home

As the world continues to deal with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, lockdown loving and digital dating are still very much part of the romance scene. For couples living together, apart and those that are just starting off. No longer able to meet up at a restaurant for dinner, head off to the movies or take a trip abroad, couples have turned to their home and high-definition video calls to keep the spark alive.

However, if you’ve reached the point where you and your partner have no idea what to do next for date night, here at One4all we’ve got you covered. From cooking together to virtual double dates, here are some ideas that will help you continue writing your love story:

Enjoy a meal together

Restaurants and cafes are experts in delivering on good food and a great experience but with restrictions, your date night calendar is likely lacking in restaurant reservations. However, you can still have an intimate candlelight dinner at home. Most restaurants and cafes, including some fantastic One4all restaurant retail partners, are offering full menus for takeaway. Or why not cook a meal together? Even if neither of you are great in the kitchen, there are plenty of basic recipes that even beginners can’t get wrong (and if you do, it’ll make for a funny story when you look back at your time in lockdown together).

For couples living apart, try dinner delivery roulette. Both you and your partner can send food deliveries to each other’s address. It’s simple: choose the cuisine, pick the delivery time, wear something nice and enjoy the meal over Zoom.


Turn your living room into a dance floor

Captain America waited years for his dance with WWII flame, Peggy Carter. Johnny and Baby’s dance to ‘Time of my Life’ is still as incredible as when it first hit screens back in 1987. Tony Manero knew that when Saturday came around, it was the night for disco music and stylish moves. As these characters and storylines show, there’s nothing more fun than a night spent on the dance floor.

Transform your living room into a dance floor and try a virtual dance class. You can do this together at home, over Zoom and even as a group activity to make it a real party.


Have a double date

If double dates with your besties were a regular in your social life pre pandemic, make them happen at home over a video call. You can have dinner, catch-up on their lockdown life and do a friendly couple vs couple board game or quiz – a night that’s sure to bring lots of laughs!


Go on a virtual trip together

Adventures abroad may not be possible right now but that does not mean you have to stop dreaming about travel plans. Grab some food and spend the night looking back at some of your favourite holiday memories, exploring new holiday spots via Google Maps or book a virtual tour of some of the world’s most iconic locations, from the Louvre in Paris to the Andes Mountains in Peru.


Host a virtual happy hour

For couples that are just getting to know each other, dates that are jam-packed with activities can be overwhelming, in both the real world and now the virtual world. If date night plans are doing your stress levels no favours, keep it simple. A chat over coffee or drinks is a lovely way to start your relationship. No fuss, just a simple and cosy candid chat.


Netflix party

Remember the days when it took weeks to finish a limited series on Netflix? You started it together and made a promise to not continue watching without one another, but between work schedules and busy social commitments, it dropped way down on your watch list. With new shows and movies dropping every day on Netflix, now is the time for you binge your way through the shows trending on your social media feeds and classic movies you’ve wanted to see for ages. Simply pop the corn, pick your spot on the couch and settle in for a long night of storytelling.