Lessons I’ve Learned From My Mum: Ciara Hautau

Ciara and Joanne

The relationship a mum shares with her children is unique, complex, and constantly evolving. For many, she can be a continuous source of emotional, professional, romantic and mental guidance and support.

In honour of Mother’s Day on 31st March, One4all asked people to reflect on their relationship with their mums, sharing their fondest memories, what they’re most thankful for and the most valuable lessons they’ve learned.

Lead Digital Marketing Strategist at Fueled, Ciara Hautau tells us about the wonderful relationship she has with mum Joanne.

Tell us about your relationship with your mum:

 ‘My mum and I are super close. I'm the only girl with five older brothers, so my mum and I were close to sisters, as we were the only two women in the household. She's someone who I can tell everything and anything to and she makes a big effort to stay connected to what's happening in my life (even now after I've moved out of our childhood home). ‘

What's the fondest memory you have of your mum from your childhood?

‘My mum has a serious shopping addiction - I've always wondered if she was deprived of malls as a child because if she could, she would spend all her time shopping (my brothers were very thankful I was born for this reason). Growing up, every Saturday we'd spend our entire Saturday at malls and shopping centres. I'm not joking when I say entire day, it was like a sport. We'd start at 10am and finish by 8pm. We'd start at one mall with a selection of stores, and travel to every shopping centre within a 20-mile radius with the same selection of stores to see who had the best deals and stock. You can imagine by the end of the day I was always exhausted (my mum's also a very fast walker) and we'd reward ourselves with a big dinner (it was truly a marathon). Still, to this day, when I visit we do the same thing, and  now that I'm an adult, things that wouldn't have excited me when I was younger (like shopping for home goods) are now very exciting and she always somehow gets the best deals. It was our way of bonding and we'd end the day with tons of deep life chats - the true meaning of "retail therapy".’

What are you most grateful to your mum for?

‘I know there are lots of mums out there who truly would do anything for their kids, but my mum drops anything and everything to be there for her kids. She'd wake up early on summer mornings to make sure our water bottles were cold for camp, she'd try to make every sport game we played (with all these brothers that was tough!), and anytime there was conflict with anything you can bet she got on the telephone immediately and would address the conflict (be it financial aid, or a bully, or getting overcharged for something) and find a resolution. With so many kids, I don't know how she did it while staying sane, but I am so grateful for her being so involved and truly being supportive in everything we've done.’

How has your mum supported you in life?

‘When I graduated college, I had to live at home for a bit until I got my finances up to move into the city, and my mum couldn't have been more supportive. Every morning she'd drive out of her way to get me to the train station and bend over backward with my wacky work schedules to pick me up (be it at 7pm, 8pm, or even 10pm). Sometimes she'd get me to the train station on time and be late to work (which I'm sure her boss wasn't thrilled about), but she did whatever she could to ensure I was successful in my new job and I am forever grateful for that. Because of her, I was able to get promoted twice within the last 2 years and now I can successfully financially support myself independently.’

What are the biggest life lessons you've learned from your mum?

‘The biggest life lesson she taught me is "it never hurts to ask". As we go through life, I think we all get scared to ask for the things we want, be it in a relationship, at work, or even if your day to day. It all comes down to communication. If you want to build trust and love within your relationship you have to talk to your partner and ask for what you want. If you want to get promoted in your career, you'll never know what opportunities are available if you don't ask your boss for them. If you're at a store and you're nervous to ask for a deal, you'll never know what savings you’re missing out on. It's so important to find the courage and stick with your gut and ask for what you want, you never know where it will take you.’

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