How To Get Ready For Work At The Gym

How To Get Ready For Work At The Gym

A morning workout is a great way to start the day but going from an intense Body Pump session (that’s left you red-faced and sweaty) to the office can be a tough routine to master. Luckily, there are some wonder products that make getting your fitness fix and looking presentable for your 9am meeting easily possible. Here’s how:

Pick the right gym bag: If you’re a regular gym-goer, you need to invest in a proper gym bag. You want to choose a bag with different compartments so you can separate your work clothes from your sweaty gym gear. Bonus points if you find one that can double up as year work bag – let’s face it, nobody wants to be a bag lady lugging around multiple totes! Fashionable and functional bags are the perfect choice.

Plan ahead: If your gym session is at 6am, don’t pack your bag at 5.45am, when you’re in a panic, you’re more likely to forget something (you don’t want to come out of your spin class to find you’ve forgotten clean socks). Prepare your gym bag the night before so you’ll always have your essentials.

Once you have a plan you can stick to and the right bag, turn your attention to skincare, haircare and beauty. Sadly, the gym lockers don’t come with a glam squad and you’ll have to share mirror and counter space with other people who are also rushing to work post-workout, so you need to choose beauty and hair products that make you look polished in a few minutes. Our beauty retailers have an amazing range of super products that are perfect for this. Here are our top picks – all of which can you can buy with your One4all Gift Card.