How To Effectively Clear Out Your Wardrobe

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If you’ve got wardrobes bursting with clothes that still have tags on them but claim you’ve still got ‘nothing to wear’, you need to detox your wardrobe, and soon.

Give your wardrobe the ultimate refresh with these top tips and storage solutions.

Break it down

The first thing you need to do before tackling any sort of clear out is answer these questions:

  • Do you have more than three wardrobes?
  • Do you have clothes stuffed in your partner’s wardrobe/the attic/under the stairs?
  • What about the shed - is that another area taken over by boxes of shoes and hand bags?

Once you’ve got an idea of the amount of stuff you have, you can then calculate how much time it would take to tackle the chaos. For example, 3.5 hours per wardrobe x 3 wardrobes = 10.5 hours = one x weekend day or 3 x weekday evenings (one wardrobe per night). We recommend the 3-x weekday option. Decluttering a jampacked wardrobe in one day requires an awful lot of willpower.

Have help

A job as massive as a wardrobe clear out cannot be done alone. Have the right help, meaning the type of person who’ll tell you the harsh reality about your wardrobe woes. Let’s face it, if it were up to you, you’d get rid of nothing, so having someone who’s completely honest about what’s hot and not is important if you want your clear out to be a success.

Mark the clear out as a ‘no distraction zone’

Clean with the TV or radio on? Take breaks for ‘social media checks’ every 30 minutes? Stop every couple of minutes to change the Spotify playlist you’re listening to on your laptop? If you want to get work done, make your clear out a ‘no distraction zone’. That means TV, radio, laptop and smartphones off and out of the room.

Avoid the drain

As we mentioned in point 2, a wardrobe clear out is a huge job, one that requires lots and lots of energy. Keep snacks, water and juice to hand and refuel at regular two-hour intervals. Without regularly replenishing glucose levels, bad decisions set in – like keeping that shirt with the paint stain on it or refusing to throw out those pants with the cigarette burns.

Questions, questions, questions

Ask yourself: If that dress was in a shop right now, would I buy it? Do I feel comfortable walking in those boots? Do those pants still fit me? If the answer to these types of questions is no, you know what to do – say bye, bye.

De-tag time

If anything is hanging in your wardrobe with its price tag still on, put it on the donate/resell pile. We often purchase things for when a) the perfect occasion comes along and b) we lose however-many-pounds. More than likely when that ‘perfect occasion’ arrives, we forget about that item stored in our wardrobe and buy something else. And keeping something in hope that you’ll fit into it when you weigh X amount is never a good idea.

Take care of the joy

Whether it’s that designer done-in-one wrap dress or those super comfortable wide-leg pants, if an item brings you joy, keep it (even if you only wear it once) but make sure it’s freshly laundered and stored in a garment bag – that way it’s ready for you when you reach for it on a whim.

The little things

Don’t forget about your plain T-shirt and underwear drawers. Greying T-shirts and bad underwear (those bras and pants you would never wish to be caught wearing), should be disposed of, no excuses.  

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