You’re a Relaxed Richard – You love a surprise, and are happy to get what you are given at Christmas. You don’t see any point in wasting your energy dropping lots of hints about presents and would prefer to channel your energy into finding out what your loved ones really want this Christmas - lucky them!


Our top tip for you: Since you enjoy a surprise, you may not see the point in dropping hints, but a few here or there may just help out friends and family members who are perhaps lacking in confidence about their gifting ideas for you. You’ll still have the element of surprise, as you have no expectations, but people may be more inclined to buy you a gift you’ll be delighted with.


You’re a Discreet Dave – You’ve got your eye on a few things you’d love to receive this Christmas, but you’re really not keen on being pushy about this. You don’t like obvious hinting and would be embarrassed to send a wish list. Sometimes your hints are so subtle they go unnoticed and in fact your family and friends often find it difficult to know exactly what you’re dying to get your hands on.


Our top tip for you: You don’t need to be too obvious in your methods, but subtle hints can be very effective - there’s no harm in circling the odd few items in your favourite catalogue and conveniently leaving it lying around, or mentioning things you’ve seen and love. These are likely to be noted, yet still won’t be regarded as obvious hints. 


You’re a Nagging Nicola – Persistence is your middle name and you’re used to getting your own way, by means of pestering people until they become so weary they are forced to surrender. You are determined not to let people forget what you’re hoping for this Christmas and have been perfecting your technique since you were knee-high. Although you usually succeed in your mission, it doesn’t come without its downfalls and can often lead to tension between yourself and your loved ones in the run up to Christmas.


Our top tip for you: You may be surprised to learn that constant nagging sometimes irritates friends and family, and also makes them enjoy buying gifts for you less. Consider for a minute that your loved ones may have bought you the thing you want most, and are looking forward to seeing your surprise and excitement when you unwrap it on Christmas Day - the more you nag and talk about the item you want, the less likely they are to feel this way. Try to adopt more of a ‘little and less often’ approach to dropping hints.


You’re a Candid Katie – You’re confident, upfront and you know exactly what you want. You have your own knack to dropping hints - it’s not necessarily subtle but the hints are rarely missed. You’ll weep to family and friends over shoes you can’t afford, complain to your partner about the perfume that’s run out and leave un-purchased fashion favourites in your online basket on your shared computer or tablet. Although you’ve truly mastered the art of communicating what you’d like for Christmas, there’s a chance you could annoy your loved ones by going overboard.


Our top tip for you: Don’t worry about mentioning a few odd items you’d love but can’t afford, or pointing things out when shopping - but don’t keep lusting left, right and centre. Perhaps create a wish list and position it where someone may just come across it. Adopt a little more discretion and you might actually find that you’ll get more of what you were wishing for, as loved ones feel as though your hints weren’t planned and they’ve done well to pick up on something you’ve said.


You’re a Not So Subtle Sally – Other people also know exactly what you like because you’re not afraid to say it. You’ll shout it from the rooftops to anyone and everyone who’ll listen just to make sure it’s definitely been noted! Emailing links of products you like to your loved ones is your idea of discretion. Whilst on Christmas Day you may be delighted to find you have received everything you wanted, you might actually be missing out on the excitement that comes with having surprises to unwrap on Christmas morning.


Our top tip for you: Have faith in your loved ones that they know you well enough to select a present that suits you down to a tee, and bear in mind that some may not appreciate receiving glorified shopping lists. Try and remember that part of the magic of unwrapping presents is not knowing what is inside - you’ll  probably find you appreciate the thought that has gone into choosing the gift more, and might find yourself unwrapping something you hadn’t thought of, but which you really enjoy!


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