With the New Year comes a whole host of New Year’s resolutions, but which should you stick to for a truly happy 2017? We have had a look into where New Year’s resolutions began and some of the nation’s most popular vows.

Where it All Began

New Year’s resolutions have been a tradition since 153BC. The Romans believed their mythical god Janus had two faces, one which could look backward into the previous year and one which looked forward into the new year. They believed Janus could forgive them for their wrongdoings in the previous year, so they would give gifts and make promises for the year ahead. Therefore, the Romans named the first month of the year after the god Janus which is where the name January comes from. This is where the birth of the New Year’s resolution began. 


New Year’s Resolutions Today

Many people continue to adopt this tradition by starting the New Year with fresh thinking and positive goals to help improve their lifestyle. So whether it’s the desire to change a bad habit, to volunteer more in the community, eat less junk food or to start a new fitness regime, the New Year is a great time to put those thoughts into actions. 

Changing your everyday habits for the better can help improve your mindfulness and happiness. This can inspire you in other areas of your life too, so if you’re taking your first steps into 2017 with a resolution, why not do something which makes you smile all year round.


The nation’s top New Year’s resolutions are as follows;

Learn a new skill or hobby

Get healthier

Save money

Spend more time with family and friends

Spend more time of personal wellbeing


Look out for our happiness hint’s flowchart later in the week which will help you find your resolution to stick to for 2017!

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