Does your partner make you smile every day? Or most days? They might be a big factor within our lives but are they the ones who make us truly happy? Here at One4all Gift Cards we thought we would do some research to find out who in our lives makes us the happiest.

Who came out top?

More than half (53%) of the nation said that their partner made them happier than anyone else in their lives. That’s happier than their own children, family members and other friends. That’s a lot to smile about.

Children came in second place, with 49% of those surveyed saying their kids make them happy.

Here’s who makes us the happiest:

  • Partners – 53%

  • Children – 49%

  • Friends – 34%

  • Parents – 26%

  • Siblings – 19%


Who’s the most romantic?

On this occasion both men and women agree! Both sexes say that their partner makes them happier than anyone else, with more women (2%) admitting to this than men.


Love is the word – but is it?

32% of people say being affectionate has an impact on their happiness, suggesting romance is a must in a relationship.

However, romance isn’t everything. 77% of the nation said they don’t need to be in a romantic relationship to feel happy, showing that for many, independence is the key to happiness.


With all this love going around it makes you wonder who is the person in your life to make you the happiest? Let us know using the hashtag #MakesMeHappy and tag the person who makes you smile the most. Use the handle @One4allUK on Facebook and @One4allGiftUK on Twitter.