Happier Together – Mum and Son, Rosanne And Michael Share Their Special Bond


In honour of International Day of Happiness on March 20th, One4all are celebrating the wonderful relationships we share with our spouses, siblings, parents and -- of course – pets. After all, ‘life is happier when we’re together’.

From their love of music to their obsession with cleaning, the relationship that Rosanne shares with her son Michael is worth celebrating on International Day of Happiness. Here, they tell One4all all about their special bond.

Rosanne, take us back to when you two first met:

‘Michael came into my world at 5.45pm on November 1st, 1987. I was already a mum to my daughter Laura – who was four-years-old at the time – so I didn’t have those first-mum nerves. The delivery was long but meeting this tiny human who had spent 9 months growing inside me was such a magical feeling, there’s nothing that compares to it. I loved everything about him; his beautiful head of thick black hair, his memorising new-born smell, his cute little cry -- he was perfect (and still is of course!).’

Define your relationship in three words:

Rosanne: ‘Fun, caring, loving.’

Michael: ‘Caring, nurturing, strong.’

What qualities do you share?

Rosanne: ‘I would say we’re both extremely caring, fun, and always up for a laugh.’

Michael: ‘I would agree with my mum but also, I definitely think I inherited her love of cleaning, like her, it bothers me when things aren’t in their proper place.’

Tell us something you secretly love about one another:

Rosanne: ‘Michael is a real gem (and I’m not just saying that because I’m his mum); he’s so incredibly kind, caring, funny, and smart.’

Michael: ‘I love how fun and free-spirited my mum is. She always makes me laugh and we’ve the same taste in music which makes long car journeys for family events much more bearable. I also love how understanding she is, whenever I have a problem or am struggling, she always gives the best advice.’

When does Michael drive you crazy?

 ‘Well I really don’t like that he’s a smoker and lately he’s been talking about getting a big tattoo of a scorpion (to represent his star sign) and I am certainly not happy about that – I do not like tattoos!’

Michael, when does your mum drive you crazy?

Michael: ‘As we’ve mentioned, mum loves to clean and while I appreciate coming home to a clean place, there are times when it becomes a bit too much. She recently bought loads of new cushions for the sitting room, and you’re not allowed lean on them because she doesn’t want them getting ‘flat’. Then, there are times I’ll be making something to eat – usually a sandwich or some toast – and I’d have the butter and milk out, and my plate and knife ready; I’ll turn around for a second, mum comes along, sees all the stuff on the counter and puts it away!’

Rosanne: *laughs* I can’t help it, I like to keep my house in top shape!’

Tell us a memory that you keep close to your heart:

Rosanne: ‘Michael was a great footballer as a child, and I remember the first goal he scored, it was a real beauty, he was man of the match. I thought he was going to be the next John Aldridge or Robbie Keane!’

Michael: ‘I always loved going in the car with mum; she would play the best songs and we’d be singing along as if we were rock stars!’