Groovy Fashion Inspired By Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

We recently saw the official teaser trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s highly-anticipated ninth feature film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Set in 1969, the new film stars Leonardo DiCaprio (as a faded Western star) and Brad Pitt (as his long-time stunt double) as they navigate an ever-changing Hollywood industry. Margot Robbie also stars as Sharon Tate.

The star-studded cast already had us buying our ticket, but the retro costume design has us now counting down until the July release date. Arianne Phillips, who costumed many of Madonna’s global tours and worked on films like Nocturnal Animals and The Kingsman franchise, is the creative genius behind the looks worn by DiCaprio, Pitt and Robbie.

DiCaprio embraces turtlenecks and leather jackets while Pitt looks irresistible in double denim and Hawaiian shirts. And Robbie slips into ‘60s and ‘70s staples like a striped ringer tee, a keyhole cut out dress, and the classic mid-calf-boots-and-miniskirt-pairing which became synonymous with the era.

If you’re in love with this style as much as we are, then you’ve come to the right place; here’s our Once Upon A Time In Hollywood edit:



Feature Image Via Sony