New research conducted by us here at One4all has highlighted a very interesting fact, as a nation we are indeed becoming more generous than ever. To be precise we are spending a whole 7% more on gifts for our nearest and dearest!

Last year, the average person was spending £370.67 on gifts for their loved ones, yet this year on average, people are predicting to spend £397.37 on presents outside of birthdays and Christmas.

So why are we becoming more generous? Could it be something to do with an increase in disposable income? Only recently the Office of National Statistics measured an increase of 4.5% in disposable income in the first quarter of the year.

If it is true that we are enjoying the benefit of extra spending power and buying more big ticket items, the latter of which the study has anticipated will happen in due course, then why are we wasting money by panic buying?

Interestingly, the survey revealed that a huge 85% of gifts purchased are chosen with uncertainty with the buyer being unsure that it is even something the recipient will like! More astonishingly, this equates to around £17.5 billion being wasted each year on gifts that just haven’t been that well thought out.

So how can we avoid this? Well Ella Williamson, renowned gadget and gifting expert, recommends worrying less and avoiding panic buying, in order to take the pressure of by trying too hard to find that ‘perfect’ gift. Instead Ella advises attempting to make more natural and instinctive decisions...after all we all know the old saying, ‘go with your gut instinct’! Otherwise try selecting a gift which offers more choice and allows a wider range of taste.

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The results have also highlighted the top 5 gifting occasions for UK present-buyers. Mother’s Day came out top, suggesting that we really are a nation of mummy’s girls at heart! Father’s Day followed behind, with housewarming gifts interestingly being voted the fifth most popular, ahead of the traditional christenings and engagements. This could be due to the fact that now it’s more difficult to get on the property ladder, we’re celebrating it more when our closest eventually do!

Despite admitting our great generosity with the amount we’re spending on pressies, almost 1 in 2 people said they felt they buy more gifts for others than they receive.

We want to hear your thoughts on this...How much do you think you spend on gifts per year? Do you feel like you buy more gifts than you receive or is that not the case? Let us know with the hashtag #giftgiving!

For an infographic detailing the full One4all Gifting Index 2015, visit the One4all website.

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