Can you remember where you and your other half first locked eyes? Do you go all gooey thinking about your first date? How about the nostalgic first snap we all love? Sometimes it’s easy to forget these little things but the great thing about Valentine’s Day is that it often makes us think back to where it all began! E ven better you can really dedicate some time to just the two of you – which we know can be hard with the stresses of everyday life.

In the run up to 14th February we asked our social media followers to dig out and share their first ever picture together as a couple, or the first picture of them with the person they care for most if they were not currently in a relationship.

We’ve loved looking through all of your photographs. So much so we couldn’t resist creating a gallery of some of the submissions below!

We would like to wish all of our fans and followers a Happy Valentine’s Day, and thank you for all of your contributions!

  • Jacqui Ruddock:  “35 years ago (eek!) at university and we are now married with kids older than we were here”!

  • Jeremy Andrews: “My first date with the woman who is now my wife. We were married just a few months after this photo was taken”.

  • Tina J Grant: “Just kids back in 1989”.

  • Aimee Leworthy: “Eeek we look so young!! I think this is 9 years ago and I’m pretty certain it was our first picture together just me and the Mr”.

  • Claire Ssen: “One of our first dates was to my friend’s wedding! (I'm sure you can tell from the photo there was quite a bit of wine going around!) Luckily it didn't scare him off when I caught the bouquet. Eight years later we're happily married and just celebrated our wedding anniversary”.

  • Leah Finch: “1992 at a wedding  - Mr F has got a big birthday coming up on 5th, so he is looking slightly different now”.

  • Laura Rachael: “Our very first photo as a couple”! 

  • Joanne Bean: “Our first photo as a couple, taken in 2005. He's given me the best 10 years of my life and I love him more than ever”!

  • Jen Keller: “Our first photo together, taken at Christmas 2009. Now we are engaged and have two children”.

  • Sandra Blickett: “Us - 80's retro vintage! Note the pointy white stilettos, big white hoop earrings - oh and don't forget the moustache (his not mine!)


And of course we can’t forget all of the lovely fans and followers who are without a Valentine this year, which is why we had to post this adorable picture sent in by Sharon Wormald of her favourite couple!