Fun Ideas For Date Night At Home

Fun Ideas For Date Night At Home

A trip to your favourite restaurant or the cinema to see the latest blockbuster may not be possible at the moment but that doesn’t mean date nights are cancelled. Apps like Zoom have become the new night out with the girls and tea chats with family, so couples just need to get creative with their home space and transform it into the perfect date venue. Here are our favourite ideas to inspire you:

Go To The Movies:

With great streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Disney+, it’s now easier than ever to have a movie marathon. To organise this date, all you need to do is pick a movie – whether it’s a new release all the critics are talking about or a revisit to an old favourite – and have plenty of munch in the form of popcorn, cheesy nachos, and chocolate treats.

Eat In The Best Restaurant:

If you’re craving the three-course meal from your favourite restaurant, create and cook your own menu which includes a tasty appetiser, delicious starter, lush main and yummy dessert.  To recreate the restaurant ambiance at home, simply light some candles and dim the lights. If you’ve got art skills you want to show off, you can design the menu and print copies for the table.

Enjoy A Cocktail Party:

Get on your best dress and head down to a great cocktail spot – your kitchen or living room. Dressing fancy, sipping on a margarita or daiquiri, and dancing along to some tunes gives you the ‘out at the bar’ feeling, even if you are at home!

Feast On A Picnic:

Transform your living space into your favourite picnic spot. All you’ll need is a cosy blanket to sit on, your favourite music playing in the background and some food (maybe a bottle of wine!)