Wanna be in my gang? The scoop on Irish friendships

  • Irish men want to be best mates with Chris O’Dowd (31%)
  • Amy Huberman is Irish women’s first choice for a best friend (31%)
  • Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox voted ultimate celebrity friendship (28%)
  • Irish women are more generous than men, spending €25 - €50 on gifts for friends


When it comes to lasting friendships, it seems humour is the most sought after trait amongst Irish adults. Our new survey revealed Chris O’Dowd and Amy Huberman to be most desirable celebrity friends as voted by Irish men and women respectively (31% each). The comedy-acting pair have been known to double date with their other halves Dawn O’Porter and Brian O’Driscoll, cementing their position as the coolest gang of friends in Ireland.

Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox, the original on-screen/off-screen best-mate duo, were also voted the ultimate celebrity friends (28%). The enviable pair have been friends for over two decades with Courtney recently acting as Maid-of-Honour at Aniston’s wedding. Jennifer is also godmother to Cox’s only child, Coco. According to our survey, being asked to be best man for their best friend’s wedding was a proud moment for 19% of men whilst becoming godparent to their best friend's child was a highlight for a quarter of women.

A friendly gesture

When it comes to special occasions, men are more likely to spend less than women on gifts for their best friends. Almost half of women (45%) were willing to spend between €25 and €50 on a gift for their bestie but a third of men (31%) would spend just €1 to €25 on their mates.

A generous 45% of survey respondents said they would usually acknowledge a best friend’s birthday or a special occasion with a card and gift while 12% were most likely to nod to the occasion through social media or instant messaging. With the shoe on the other foot, 39% said they would most like to receive a gift card as a present from their best friend, followed by a bottle of wine (13%) or a sentimental photograph (10%).

Friends forever

Irish people are renowned worldwide for their friendly disposition and it seems that we are indeed a very social bunch with almost a third of Irish adults (31%) admitting they count more than 5 people amongst their closest group of friends.

Overall, 41% of survey respondents said that they were in it for the long-term with their longest friendships spanning over 20 years. However, time and distance prove no barrier to great friendships with 42% of survey respondents saying they speak to their closest friends weekly, despite 12% living in a different country from their best bud.

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