Birthdays occur just once a year, so of course we should celebrate them, shouldn’t we? You might be sad to hear but research carried out by us here at One4all has found that increasingly as we age, birthdays become less and less celebrated, and the over 55’s in particular are becoming the forgotten birthday generation.

To begin with 1 in 4 Brits aged 55 or over do not celebrate their birthday or receive any gifts at all! With 92% of that age group saying they wouldn’t fall out with a friend or relative if they forgot their birthday.

This is in stark contrast to the younger generation. 1 in 3 16 – 24 year olds said they would fall out with a friend or family member if they forgot their birthday. It just goes to show how millennials want more of a fuss to be made about their big day, compared to their older counterparts.

The older generation also receive fewer gifts. In fact, Brits aged over 55 said that they only expect to receive gifts worth around £22, whereas millennials expect to be spoilt rotten with around £70 worth of gifts for their annual celebrations.

And what is a birthday without cake? Well surprisingly only 1 in 10 over 55’s receive a birthday cake for their special day, while 16 – 24 year olds are really indulging on their birthdays, as 36% of them saying they indulge in a slice.

With birthdays becoming increasingly forgotten as we age, remember to keep in mind the older generation. Even though birthdays don’t carry as much value with the over 55’s, it’s still nice to receive a bit of love on your birthday, whether that’s a gift, card or a slice of cake.


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