Almost three quarters of Irish people (73%) say that they are turning into their Mother as they get older according to a new survey.* The research, carried out by One4all the seriously smart gift card company, into Irish mammies ahead of Mother’s Day reveals that over a third (39%) use similar phrases or sayings to their Mum while 28% claim to have a similar personality to their Mum.
According to the One4all survey, 43% of people polled say that their Mum has some annoying traits with slurping tea loudly, repeating herself, always being right, and talking too much topping the list of things that get on our nerves. Other annoying habits include saying goodbye several times on the phone before hanging up and getting song lyrics mixed up.

The philosopher

Almost half of those polled (41%) in the One4all survey say their Mum has funny phrases or sayings which she uses regularly and it seems that the Irish Mammy is quite philosophical when it comes to everyday life with ‘What’s for you won’t pass you by’, ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and ‘Say a prayer to St. Anthony’ coming out as the most popular phrases. Other favourite Irish Mammy sayings which featured on the list include ‘tis a great day for drying’, ‘you’ll be better before you’re married’ and ‘that person would buy or sell you.’

When it comes to cheering you up when you feel sick or down, a resounding 57% say that Flat 7-up is the Irish Mammy’s top fix all remedy. 1 in 4 claim that all can be mended with a hotel water bottle, while tea with sugar is the favourite mammy cure for any ailment according to 9%.

You remind me of my mother

Over a quarter of people questioned (28%) in the One4all survey say that men tend to choose a partner like their Mother. Of those that said this, the main reasons were that their partner and Mother had similar personalities and a caring and loving nature.

The survey also finds that roast dinners, home baking, the smell of her perfume and cuddles are just some of our stand-out childhood memories of our Mums. In fact, such is our close bond that over half (53%) say that their Mum is the family member that they always turn to for advice while only 6% say they would turn to their Dad. 30% say they turn to their Mum because she always tells it like it is while 15% say they trust their Mum’s opinion.

Mother’s Day gifts

The research also finds that 86% will buy a Mother’s Day gift this year with a third spending €50-€100 on a gift while 51% will spend under €50. A gift card is the top choice of gift for Mother’s day (30%) followed by flowers (24%) and clothes (13%).

Commenting on the research, One4all brand ambassador Lucy Kennedy said “The Irish Mammy is renowned the world over for her wit and wry sense of humour so it’s no surprise to see that 41% of us say our Mum uses funny phrases or sayings that give us a laugh on a daily basisI think many of us, especially when we have children of our own, feel like we are turning into our Mums and find ourselves saying similar things that she would have said to us when we were younger.


With 83% of us planning to buy a gift for Mum this Mother’s Day, the One4all Gift Card is the seriously smart choice for any savvy Mother’s Day shopper this year as you can let your Mum choose a gift that she really wants and  it’s the perfect option for any budget as you can load from €15 to €500 on to the card.”

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What was your Mum's fix all remedy? Do men pick partners that are like their Mums?  These are a few of the questions we asked when we hit the streets of Dublin with Brand Ambassador Lucy Kennedy to find out what people really think of their Mum's.

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