Gamers Favourites

With so many great consoles and games out there, it can be difficult to find the right one for the gamer in your life. Eliminate the guesswork and give your family and friends the best ticket to the gaming world with our Gamers’ Favourites Gift Card.   With this great gift card, your recipient can conquer the virtual world with new games, downloadable content and more. Our Gamers’ Favourites Gift Card can be swapped for an e-code for participating retailers.

The Gamers‘ Favourites Gift Card is managed by GVS Prepaid (Europe) Ltd (“GVSPE”).  It is not an electronic money product pursuant to the European Communities (Electronic Money) Regulations (2011) and as such does not benefit from the safeguarding benefits of electronic money. However GVSPE holds funds outstanding on this product in a bank account that is separate and segregated from the assets of GVSPE. In the unlikely event of GVSPE becoming insolvent your money is protected and will be available for return to cardholders.

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Click “Swap” to exchange your Gamers’ Favourites Gift Card for an e-Code that can be spent on top gaming platforms.

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Access 1000’s of games on your preferred platform

Swap your Gamers’ Favourites Gift Card for an e-code for your chosen platform.

To access 1000’s of games to play on mobile, PC or console, swap your Gamers’ Favourites Gift Card for an e-Code from one of our participating retailers.

If you have any challenges using the card, please contact our Customer Services team at custserv@one4all.ie for assistance.