Favourites Gift Cards

With One4all Favourites, you can gift friends, family and loved ones with a gift they're bound to love. Whether they want to enjoy mid-week dining, or conquer a new virtual world online, there's a Favourites Gift Card to suit.

How do they work? It’s simple. Whether you want to say, say ‘congratulations’ to your newly engaged foodie friend or treat your gamer boyfriend just because, with Favourites, you can be sure you’re gifting them something they’ll love. Recipients can spend their Favourites Gift Card at any of the participating retail partners listed on the front of the individual category cards. Gifting your family and friends their favourites just got a whole lot easier. 

The Restaurant Favourites Gift Card is issued by GVS Prepaid (Europe) Limited . GVS Prepaid (Europe) Limited (“GVSPE”) is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. As such, GVSPE holds funds outstanding on this product in a bank account that is separate and segregated from the assets of GVSPE. In the unlikely event of GVSPE becoming insolvent your money is protected and will be available for return to cardholders.


The Gamers‘ Favourites Gift Card is managed by GVS Prepaid (Europe) Ltd (“GVSPE”).  It is not an electronic money product pursuant to the European Communities (Electronic Money) Regulations (2011) and as such does not benefit from the safeguarding benefits of electronic money.