This ID-Pal / verification process will only apply to our Chip & Pin and Reloadable digital Products.

  • What is ID Pal and How do I complete the verification process?

    As your Gift Card can be topped up by your employer, EU law requires us to verify your identity before you can activate and use your gift card. We have partnered with ID-Pal to offer a quick and easy ID verification process through a dedicated app.

    1. Click the link in the text message you receive from One4all to download the One4all ID-Pal app. If you haven’t received a text message yet, please check the phone number on your account and click the option under your gift card to resend the verification link.
    2. Once downloaded, launch the app, and follow the instructions. You will be required to do two things:
      • Upload a photo of your photographic ID
      • Take a live selfie
    1. Once both steps are complete, click to finish the process. The app will inform you that your ID verification is being processed. It’s usually done within an hour or two, but please allow up to 48 hours for this process to finish.
    2. Once you are verified, you will receive a text message to confirm that your gift card is ready to spend in-store or online
  • Why am I being asked to verify my identity and is my data secure?

    The European 5th Money Laundering Directive introduces new limits on the values that can be loaded onto anonymous e-money cards. As many of our customers want the flexibility to exceed these values, we have introduced new products, One4all Chip and PIN (and Digital reloadable) which facilitate higher values by being non-anonymous.

    We looked at the requirements and options to collect and obtain sufficient customer information to meet our obligations under the legislation and selected the ID-PAL solution of a “selfie” with photo ID combination to collect the information required with the least effort for our customers. This process takes just a few minutes, and all data is securely held in line with GDPR requirements.

    This process enables One4all to provide higher value cards that comply with all anti-money laundering regulations. It also provides additional security for our cardholders to protect them against fraud, including SMS text checks for certain online transactions.  This solution meets all requirements to ensure a high level of security for processing personal data.

     I am having issues with accessing my link

    This may be a technical issue which is invariably device-related and is usually solved within minutes. Following these steps, in order, will ensure you can resolve your difficulties in the shortest time possible:

    • Deleting the app,
    • Switching your mobile device off and on again
    • Then clicking the link to download the app once more
    • Forwarding your ID-Pal download link to another device (such as an iPhone or Samsung) and making a submission from that device
  • My ID Pal link says it has ‘Expired’

    The ID Pal link is active for 14 days, after this time frame the link will expire for security reasons.

    To receive a new link to complete ID Pal you will need to contact our customer service team at custserv@one4all.ie with the email address you have requested activation under.

  • Why do I have to download an App called ID Pal?

    • You only need to download the ID Pal app if you have a gold chip and pin card or have received a reloadable digital gift card from your employer.
    • Due to this being a reloadable or high-value gift card it must be registered in your name to comply with new EU regulations on e-money products.
    • Due to this being a reloadable or high-value gift card it must be registered in your name. With the intentions of it being topped up again in the future, you must follow a verification process.
    • This involves downloading a secure App ID Pal to submit your identification through this platform. Once you have successfully submitted your ID, you will receive a notification to say it has been successful. Your card will then be ready to use.
  • I do not wish to complete the ID Pal process

    Our physical gift cards have a maximum load of 150 euro, this is due to new Anti-Money Laundering regulations effective from 10.01.2020, As we are obligated to comply with EU regulations all e-money products and us being regulated by Central Bank of Ireland we are currently prevented from issuing cards with a balance more than 150 euro. As a result of this legislation the maximum online spend with a One4All Gift Card is 50 euro.

    To avoid this and issue cards over the value of 150 euro, we now issue Chip & PIN cards/ reloadable digital gift card as we are an e-money product and need to comply with the EU regulations around these products, customers now need to complete the ID Pal process to activate their card, this is the same process for every Chip & Pin / reloadable EU regulated product.

    Please note that if you have received a digital reloadable gift card from your employer, they have been made aware of the process and agreed to this for themselves and any member of their staff that will be receiving the product.

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