For those of us lucky enough to have them, our grandparents are there for us all year round - whether it’s cooking up a homemade dinner, caring for us when we have a cough or a cold, or just for imparting some of their wisdom. They feature in many of our most memorable family moments and most grandparents will never forget a family birthday.

However our latest research has found that despite them being among the most loved members of the family, we don’t always keep in touch or see them as much as we should. Many of us also frequently forget to send them birthday cards or presents, and we’re sure that you’ll agree that taking the time to show appreciation for our elderly relatives is important.

A small gesture can mean so much to the older generation and simply marking your calendar to remember to send them a card, gift or even make a phone call on their birthday would mean the world to them. And so to say thanks and show appreciation of grandparents everywhere, we have compiled a gallery of our Facebook fans’ favourite photographs of their grandmas and grandpas.



  • Liz Quinn - "Liz, Will, Grandma and Grandad"

  • Stephanie Lear - "My dad with my granddaughter. He maybe nearly 86 but still is sprightly and has some very interesting stories to tell and pass down to the grandchildren"

  • Brita Bevis - "Granddad Richard Bevis having fun with the grandkids!"

  • Marina Frow – “You can see the look of love between my eldest and my mum (aka Gaga) was there from the start.”

  • Noah Smith – "My Kay grandma looks after me every Thursday and helps to give mummy a break. I love my grandma very much as she is spoiling me rotten all the time she takes me to wonderful places and most importantly showers me in love and kisses. My grandma is my best friend and I love her lots."

  • Aimee Gorst - "This is a photo of me and my Nannie on my first ever xmas! I am four now and a very big. My Nannie is amazing. She plays games with me all the time and always buys me presents and new clothes, which helps my Mummy out a lot. But most importantly she makes me know that I am loved. Oh and not forgetting she has the best bed ever!"

  • Laura Betty - "My grandparents were the most amazing special people, they fostered over 100 babies!"

  • Sheryl Baxter – "My mam & dad are amazing grandparents to my 2 daughters, this is my favourite picture because my dad is smiling."

  • Lauren - "I love my great granny and granddad because they were the best at baking (especially their scones)!"

  • Lacy Savage - "My Nanny Anita oozes glamour and is the best agony aunt around! One fabulous lady!"

  • Jo Smith - "My nan and grandad celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in August. They are amazing!"

  • Karen Robertson - "They are just full of fun, laughter and always looking out for us all. Simply the best."