Disney said it first, everybody wants to be a cat (or a pet!) and they have certainly got it right. Our pampered pets are being treated like our fellow human family members more than ever! From making sure they eat like a king, have toys galore and not forgetting an array comfortable places to rest their heads, we do our upmost to tend to their every need!

It’s true, we love them all year round but as it is National Pet Month we have decided to compile our favourite treats for spoiling those pets, all of which are available to buy with your One4all Gift Card.

Moggy mealtimes

Like us, pets are what they eat! That’s why the deliciously healthy range of ‘proper’ foods for cats and dogs, from the Lilly’s Kitchen range are perfect. These scrummy chicken bites are packed with nutritious ingredients which ensure good overall and dental health. They include pure fish meat and have no fillers, meals or grains. The good fibre is good for hairball control and the abrasive texture keeps dental health in check. Lilly’s Kitchen Crunchy Nibbles for Cats from Amazon (£9.89).


Rain, rain go away

There are few of our four-legged friends who enjoy taking a stroll in the finest of Great British weathers - the dreaded rain! Keep their backs toasty and dry with a practical but stylish coat that is sure to last. Available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large to suit all shapes and sizes of pooch! Barbour Quilted Dog Coat in Olive, from John Lewis (£34.95).


Homes for Hamsters

If your furry friends are small enough to squeeze into here, then this pad is the one for them! This extra large abode has platforms and tunnels for hours of frolicking fun! It’s got all the amenities they’ll need, from a wheel to a food dish and drop-in water bottle. It also has twin doors which have a secure closure design to ensure there are no midnight escapes! The cage and all the accessories lift off the base as one unit for a super speedy clean. Extra Large Pico Hamster Cage from Argos (£38.99).


Run rabbit,run!

Your dwarf rabbit or guinea pig will just love this house, particularly because they have the option to relax and keep warm in the cosy sheltered area or head out for some exercise into the easily accessible run! The run features a side door for simple access and a wire cover to keep your pet safe. Therefore you can rest assured that when you head out for the day, flopsy will be happy, comfortable and safe! Rabbit House from Rosewood Pets at The Original Factory Shop(£59).


Model mutts

How about booking a fun day which is all about them? It’s not easy getting a hyperactive pet to stay still for a good snap so leave it to the experts. Let your feline friend channel their inner film star or happy hound channel their inner Hollywood leaving you with a selection of great images. Pick you’re your favourite portrait for a cool keepsake so you’ll never forget that sweet little face! You’ll also receive a complimentary 10”x8” colour image of your choice. The pet photo shoot from Gift Experiences is available at Debenhams (£20).


However you choose to show your beloved pets how much they mean to you, we all know a tasty treat and lots of care and attention is always what they love most. That’s not to say that they won’t have a ball with this selection of goodies though, and let’s face it they deserve it!

We’d love to see your favourite photos of your much loved pets! Upload them to Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you love most about them! Don’t have a pet? Tell us about your fondest animal anecdote.